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Boundaries: Vocabulary - ACA Cosponsor
Not affiliated with ACA or any other 12-step fellowship.
Boundaries: Vocabulary
This exercise is about the words we use for boundaries. I keep hearing people talk about not being comfortable with the words we use when talking about boundaries. In some cases that's probably because boundaries can seem like threats to adult children. Whichever way we feel about boundaries, it's good to have many words to choose from so we can express ourselves clearly. Add your own boundary words to the following lists.

Setting boundaries
  • state
  • claim
  • own
  • add more words...

Maintaining boundaries
  • act on
  • hold
  • enforce
  • add more words...

Violating boundaries
  • transgress against
  • bust
  • cross
  • add more words...

Weakening boundaries
  • undermine
  • let slip
  • haggle over
  • add more words...


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